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Alpha Insulation and Waterproofing - Growth with Alpha
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At Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing, we have a history of growth and continued development and we encourage you to consider the ways you can grow with us. We try to promote from within when possible so any time there is a new opportunity or different position you would like to know more about, let your supervisor know.
Seminars and Training Programs | Educational Assistance | Performance Feedback | Anniversary Service Awards
Seminars and Training Programs
From time to time we may arrange for you to attend a seminar or training programs that supports your growth and professional development at Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing. These programs may be geared toward technical knowledge, safety, management, industry, or other topics. In all cases, if we require the training, we’ll pay the cost of the program and any associated travel expenses.

Depending on your classification, we may also pay for the time you attend the training session. If you become aware of a particular seminar that you believe would enhance your skills, please bring it to the attention of your supervisor. Since these seminars are usually offered at specified times within a geographical area, please be sure to notify your supervisor as far in advance as possible. We’ll try to accommodate your desire to attend, if possible. Sometimes, workloads and department budgeting restrictions may have an impact on obtaining approval. Also, we may request documentation about any programs you express an interest in to verify that the content is closely related to the development of knowledge or skills in your current position or a position that falls in line with your anticipated career path. If we offer a similar in-house program, we may require you to attend our training instead of the external program.

After attending a seminar, please give your supervisor a copy of the continuing education credit certificate or other completion certificate for your personnel file.
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Seminars and Training Programs
"Even if you’re on the right
track, you’ll get run over
if you just sit there."
Will Rogers
Educational Assistance
At Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing, we believe the more you learn and grow, the better able you’ll be to fully support our vision. If you’re a full-time employee who has worked at Alpha for at least one year with good performance (and no disciplinary issues, memos, or warnings in the past six months), you are eligible to participate in our educational assistance program. In order to qualify for the education assistance benefit, you must:

1. Advise your supervisor, prior to enrolling for the class, that you intend to take a particular course. Your supervisor will advise you whether the course is of a nature that Alpha will approve for partial or total reimbursement of tuition and fees.
2. Ensure the course is job-related and offered by an approved educational institution.
3. Maintain a "B" or higher average.
4. Not be eligible to receive educational benefits from any other source.

You can get all the details about this benefit from your supervisor or human resources. You can obtain the Application for Educational Assistance form from the company intranet. This form outlines your responsibilities and program guidelines.

Keep in mind, there are no guarantees here. We're thrilled if you decide to further your formal education, but there's more to it than that for advancement at Alpha. Participating in this program won't entitle you to a different job assignment, promotion, or pay increase. Good ol' fashioned job performance and other job-related factors come into play for that to happen.
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Educational Assistance
"A man can succeed at almost
anything for which he has
unlimited enthusiasm."
Charles Schwab
Performance Feedback
We believe superior performance is achieved by continuous development of each individual, both personally and professionally. So, your supervisor will regularly communicate with you regarding your performance. To help facilitate open, honest, and helpful discussions about performance, we utilize a performance evaluation process. The purpose of this process is to identify your strengths so we can capitalize on them and to outline development areas so you can excel.

Typically, all employees at Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing will participate in a performance evaluation meeting with their supervisor once per year in December. A special review form may be used that includes a number of job-related categories such as conduct, quality of work, efficiency, attendance, demeanor, and others. Your supervisor will also identify specific goals for you to achieve in your position. Information derived from the performance evaluation can be used to determine your eligibility for promotions and transfers, as well as to identify training needs. If you recently transferred (or you were promoted) to a new position and have been in the new position for less than three months, your former supervisor will conduct your review since you reported to him or her for the majority of the review cycle.

When you receive a review, your job is to listen, discuss ideas, learn from the conversation, and respond. Our goal is always to help you improve your skills and abilities. To this end, you should work closely with your supervisor to seek development solutions that are mutually beneficial and agreed upon.

Along with your performance, your pay may also be reviewed. Pay adjustments at Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing are based on several job-related factors, including, but not limited to, job performance, internal salary guidelines, pay grades, market rates, and general economic conditions of the company. Pay increases aren’t automatically granted as a function of length of service or cost-of-living index, and a review doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be given an increase. If you do receive an increase, it will normally be effective the first payroll period following the review.
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Performance Feedback
"Well done is better
than well said."
Benjamin Franklin
Anniversary Service Awards
At Alpha, we like to celebrate the longevity of our employees with special anniversary service awards. Both full- and part-time employees are eligible to receive service awards upon completion of five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five years of continuous service with Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing. Based on length of service and employment status (full-time or parttime), eligible employees will receive a special gift or reward in appreciation for their loyalty and dedication to the company.
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Anniversary Service Awards
"One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men.
No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."
Elbert Hubbard
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